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97% of NHS Trusts don’t provide access to 24/7 meals for their Staff.
With 1.4m workers, the NHS is largest employer in Europe. Their staff work long exhausting shifts with short, unpredictable breaks in remote locations with little access to 24/7 food.

Our surveys show NHS Staff describe the challenge of getting food 24/7 as “upsetting”, “depressing” and “disheartening”.

As a result, many resort to ‘going without meals”, experiencing “hunger pangs” and “eating chocolate and crisps” on shifts.

Our Yellow Smart Fridges provide Staff with effortless access to 24/7 meals that are tasty, diverse and all costing £3.99 or less.

The smart fridges are small enough to fit in ED Staff Rooms, busy Thoroughfares, and by Maternity Departments. This leaves staff more time in their break... to actually take a break!
We'd like a Smart Fridge